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I started Man Toolz because I had no clue about what to use for my skin and I hate to shop. My wife always bought my products and I just used them. When out shopping on my own, I realized many companies make skin care for men much more complicated than it needs to be. Products were overpriced, there were too many scents and options to know which products to even use.

Enter Man Toolz.

To create a better shopping process, we put together a toolbox consisting of 3 products that will take care of your skin for a month for only about a buck a day. Our products and formulas are designed for men to work for men providing quality, affordable skin care. Think of it like taking care of your car – you need to wash it and then wax it to protect the outer layer. And thats it – simple and easy.

Once you sign up, you’re all set; just sit back and your skin care toolbox will show up monthly. Trust us – the woman in your life will appreciate the look, feel and smell of your skin.

As you can see, I’m not some model or a guy who wears fancy suits on the weekends. I’m just a guy from Baltimore that believes the reason a lot of men don’t use skin products is because, until now, it’s been too complicated and too difficult.

That’s it, pretty simple. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Man Toolz represents the real men who still want to look and feel great!

Doug Brown

Founder, ManToolz

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