No wonder you're confused...

Hey everybody,

I was shopping with my wife the other day in a department store here in Dallas.  We were in the men's sections and I noticed the area where they sell men's skin care products.  It's no wonder men are so confused and overwhelmed by what to buy, use, for what purpose, when...etc. One of our competitors had 3 tables full of different options, products, gels, creams, serums... you get the picture.  While some men (or women buying for men) would welcome all those products, choices, etc., I couldn't help but think this is exactly why I started Man Toolz.  Heck, I am in the business and I was overwhelmed..  

The point is, you don't need five, ten or fifteen products to have great skin - all you need is our Tool Box, three incredible products that take great care of your skin whether it is dry or oily, older or younger.  So cut through the noise and confusion, order your Man Toolz today.  I am confident you will notice your skin looking and feeling better in just a few days.

All the best this Holiday, remember to enjoy the peace and joy of the season.


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