With Father’s Day approaching, and since our Man Toolz brand is the perfect celebration of men, I thought I might take a few minutes and share some of my memories and experiences with my father and as a father.

As one that came from the greatest generation, my dad was part of that group of incredible souls who risked everything to catapult the United States into the global power it is today. He loved music (especially barbershop quartet – he and his siblings would sing at family gatherings), going on family vacations to the beach for body surfing, eating seafood – including great crab feasts and serving his church. While these memories are still strong many years later, I think his biggest gift to me and my siblings was his strength of character. He shared with us the sense of responsibility, hard work and commitment and taught us that character and honesty are never to be compromised.

As a father of two teenagers, times are very different now and the challenges faced by both parents and children are a bit more complex. The advent of computers, cellphones, social media and instant news cycles have made it more difficult to build relationships with our children which are so important to the success of the family. In order to combat these distractions, despite our crazy schedules, we have committed to having family dinners at least 2 or 3 times a week. Some of my fondest memories are during these dinners when we share stories and break out in uncontrolled laughter over something that has happened. Sports have also played a large role in our lives as a family. The lessons learned through playing sports – winning, losing, training, working hard to improve and playing together as a team– are all relative in everyday life.

There are many more incredible memories I have experienced as a father, but I just hope somewhere along the line I have been able to share the gift my dad gave me, the gift of honesty, respect and character – along with a large dose of love.

Happy Father’s Day!

Doug Brown