How It Works

Men, most of us have toolz around the house or use them in our everyday work.  They all have a specific function and most can only serve one purpose well.  You wouldn't use a pipe wrench to turn a small nut or a phillips screwdriver on a slotted screw.  For some reason, however, when it comes to our skin most of us take the "one tool works for everything" approach.

From my experience, guys tend to use one tool on their soap!  Ironically, many bar soaps contain ingredients that dry out your skin and are not the best solution for keeping you looking and feeling great.  Furthermore, most are not formulated specifically for the skin on your face which needs a little extra care.

I founded Man Toolz on the principal that while using one product to take care of your skin is not the best solution, it is also not necessary to have an entire tool box full of products for most men.  After research and development, we at Man Toolz created the three toolz specifically designed and formulated to take care of a man's skin.

Our cutting edge Toolz are designed to provide a cost effective, high quality skin solution to suit the needs of every man.  The Toolz are designed to work together, they cleanse, refresh and moisturize your skin leaving it smooth, oil-free and smelling great!  While some of you may have tried other brands, we found that those brands can overwhelm most of us with too many choices, are too expensive and make the process too complicated to understand.

This is real skin care for real men and a cost you can afford!

We also get that most men see shopping as a hassle.  That's why we created the Tool Box with the auto ship program, set it up once and we will deliver a new Tool Box to you monthly.  You never have to leave the game or you friends to have great looking skin!!


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