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Hey, in case you missed it, we also offer our great Tool Box monthly auto-ship option. You can save money, time and hassle and we’ll send you your tool box every month. If you still want to go with the one time purchase, thank you and enjoy your Toolz.

The easiest way to have great looking skin. Our three signature products that together give you the ultimate in great skin care! Each tool box contains:

1. Dirt Removal Multi-tool Cleanser – 8 oz.

2. Grime Elimination Face Cleanser – 4 oz.

3. Resurfacing Moisturizer – 2 oz.

That’s it – we made it simple since we know that guys don’t want to hassle with their skin.



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Product Description

Three products that together give you the ultimate skin care tool box:

1. Dirt Removal Multi-tool Cleanser – Toss your soap and shampoo for our 2 in 1 Multi-Tool Cleanser! Formulated with concentrated moisturizers and a nourishing blend of vitamin B, plant and fruit extracts, our Multi-Tool Cleanser leaves your body and hair feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. The masculine scent provides just the right finishing touch as you head out day or night.

2. Grime Elimination Face Cleanser – Our Dirt Eliminating Face Cleanser was developed especially for men, and can be used anytime during the day to clean your face without leaving it either oily or dry. With gentle exfoliants and the benefit of coconut oil extracts for moisture, our anti-oxidant blend achieves the perfect balance of leaving your skin clean and rehydrated.

3. Resurfacing Moisturizer – We recommend using our Resurfacing Moisturizer twice daily after cleansing or shaving. This mineral -rich moisturizer protects your skin while providing long lasting hydration. The antioxidant combination of vitamins, fruit and plant extracts, promote moisture retention on the skin giving you a smooth and oil free complexion. A great replacement for your after shave, the Resurfacing Moisturizer also cools the skin while providing moisturized protection all day and night.



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